Time Reporting with the Treks App

Time reporting, invoicing, salary and planning. Do like thousands of other and choose Treks for you time reporting needs!

Hassle-free time reporting

Report hours from the web, app , smart watch or Slack.

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Save time and paperwork. Create invoicing data or integrate directly with Fortnox or Visma.

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Easily export salary date or integrate with Fortnox.

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Follow up on reported hours and gain insights. We offer pre-made reports for profit/loss, utilisation, contribution margin, absence, flex hours etc.

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By entering planned projects and leads you get a quick overview of which colleagues to focus on getting assignments.

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Reporting should be fun! User can collect trophies based on good reporting behaviour. Compare trophies with your colleagues and compete!

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User Role Management

You decide what roles and permissions that should be available for your users. Maybe you have sub-contractors, project managers, finance staff or others that need to access parts of Treks.

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Artificial Intelligence

Treks can manage your time reporting automatically. By activating the "crystal ball" feature Treks will fill in worked hours based on previous reporting patterns. The only action needed by the user is to double check the hours and lock the period to approve.

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Slack integration

Hey! You also have a Slack bot that helps your users to report hours from within your Slack workspace. It even reminds them if they have forgotten to report todays work.

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Easy time tracking

Get started today with time tracking

Time tracking, invoicing, salary and planning. All in one place. Easy to use and free for up to two users.
Small companies
  • Free for up to two users
  • Mobile app
  • Invoicing
  • Salary
  • Reports
  • Hourly rates
  • Planning
  • User Role Management